bbm -port power - now what?

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    Saw your message on the other forum but thought I'd better relocate to here.

    Where to now?

    Like you I saw problems in the first 5 minutes. Swans took risks and backed each other, Port tightened up.

    Can they turn it around in a week? Essendon looked pretty sharp the other night and we know they'll come to play. If Port bow out now heads have to roll. They are the best team in the competition, and they have to show it.

    It's done the Crows a favour anyway. I think they can beat a depleted Brisbane and I'd rather see them play the Swans in a prelim than play Collingwood.

    Still a chance for a Port/Crows GF but right now the Crows look more likely than Port.

    What a difference a week makes!
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