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    Hi Had a phone call tonight from a Very Nice Lady who infomed me that she was ringing re the upcomming voting and whether I had recieved all of my documents . She also told me that my answers would be recorded. I replied yes I had recieved the documents and did not mind my comments being recorded. She then asked me if I wanted to say How I was going to vote. She was told that my votes would be for a big NO , and because this interview was being recorded I would like to add my reasons why. Reposting them all on here is a waste as most know my thoughts. A question to her ( re the answers that she was getting ) and her reply was that most so far had been negative to the Re Cap. Anyone else had a phone call. The person doing the phone interview conducted that in a very good manner She Lisened and learnt something . I hope that the Directors have a read of my comments. Cheers Towie not sure about my spelling there DYOR
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