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    where have all the lum rampers gone - it seems that they have gone quiet - ooops - that includes me. my present position, is that i am taking a long term view. lum, is only a small part of my protfolio, but i am excited by the prospects, and i trust that it could become a substantial part of my porfolio - only time will tell, but i am not trading the stock. of course, i may be wrong, but so far, the strategy of trying to pick specs, with definate promise, has worked in my favour. of course, some fall by the wayside, but when i hit the right one, it more than makes up for the duds. i hold about 10 stocks, have posted on all of them, from time to time - except one or two. they now comprise a mixture of spec plays, to income producing stocks. lum, is in the category of "spec play" - but with the chance to do very well
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