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Articles still promoting wave energy in titles and then nothing...

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    Articles still promoting wave energy in titles and then nothing in article? A article edit rehash perhaps?
    Cutting and pasting articles with headlines to support a argument is one thing but a bigger picture and detail is important.

    All I can say is be cautious with sources and read widely or go read the " papers" and the basis on which they were written. There is so many myths and beliefs that become facts in media with some cut and pasts journalism. Renew etc are journalism and know their target market . Remember they published and talked up every aspect of Carneigie wave energy CCE CWE etc.

    I remember back years ago the talk of wind farms , solar and the reality of just how much it can power and the space it takes . People just don't understand how much power industry uses ,.... citys use . You need a grid that works as cityies just don't have teh surface area to power themselves.

    Using other countrys arguments is interesting as so little applies to Australia due to our low population density and yet we have other advantages with stand alone replacing high cost transmission lines at some network pints. A big difference between countries is who owns and regulates the power industry and infrastructure in each country but lazy journalists don't put in the caveats even if they did understand them.

    Hawaii - well they have geothermal as well in their renewable bag ( was offline after eruptions) . Anyone want to fact check a headline?? How much saving has been done by time tariffs and load shifting etc ? Major Navy base?? Real energy cost compared to rest of USA? Renewable because they are isolated ? Hawaii is equatorial so sunny for long hours , windy, no severe cold industry is not manufacturing but tourism etc etc. How many of these factors line up for comparison to a city in Australia?

    An oldie but .....

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