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As for government bashing be it state or feds you need to know...

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    As for government bashing be it state or feds you need to know your history in relation to transmission grids, privatsation , funding , original building, gold plating infustructure so anyone who starts the shallow arguments yelling from the rooftops " it was them that did it" " we would be better with the other guys" should have a good hard look at history not just yesterday as all sides have done stupid things in hindsight that make change and transition harder especially when in privatisation guarantees probably exist on energy mix and replacement etc. .

    Great have a spray at one party or the other but don't think you are right if discussing it in a echo chamber forum just because others don't want the angst of politcal discussions. A political party pissing match ..........hmmmm no thanks

    Really have to think who should be paying for and making savings from installing battery storage and at what level it can be done efficiently on the various scales from residential all the way to generator or government and who owns it and manages its connection to grid.,

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