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    The fact that we are no longer hearing the cynical and defeatist talk from holders (just a handful of non-holders now) suggests that the scales are tipping in sentiment towards being positive.

    I have to admit that I was responsible for much of the doom and gloom in our forum up until a few months ago... what with pics of me as a homeless and derelict shareholder, an image of a turd with a ribbon on it in reference to company Anns and lack of disclosure. I even whacked up a cartoon pic of pigs at a trough saying "I love these all you can eat buffets" in reference to the issue of shares to our board of directors. Some of it absolutely justified, some of it not. I knew that the latter was wrong, but thought my negative attitude which was rampant at the time was totally justified.

    It is close to the middle of the year and we are at a totally different juncture now in terms of the company's progress in my view. We have indeed moved on in terms of sentiment here on our forum and hope that our company's performance will no longer require us to be wearing rose-coloured glasses. The company really does need to deliver on its promises moving forward.

    Whilst it is now common knowledge that graphite production is actually very difficult, it has come at quite a cost to the company and its shareholders. Credibility and trust are at the forefront of the market's mind right now in regard to Bass and the company's performance. However, Bass does have the goods, the "know-how" and the plan! The fundamentals are still intact, methinks.

    Perhaps things could have and should have been done differently, but there is no going back now... only forward. Longterm holders have every right to apportion blame at the management for their decimated investment status in BSM. I still do.. but realise that I also need to take responsibility in terms of dealing with how I choose to deal with it. I am prepared to ignore my emotional view of matters in order to see the picture clearly and from an objective mindset (like from the point of view of a prospective investor). It does throw a whole new light on the company and where we could be a year from now. I suggest others do the same. It does not mean forgetting the history (how could we?), but at least view the situation for what it is and from a fresh perspective.

    Hopefully, with the negativity successfully contained by Doctor Fouad and by Mrs Doubtfire's backburning/fire breaks, we can move forward and learn more about what the company has in store for us.

    It is great to have some fresh posters such as Towie and Dugsab with Mickzed back on board to bring some different information to our attention. For example, for whatever reason, we had previously been cynical of Bizzell. However, one question from Dugs re our top shareholder and answered by Mick, resulted in the following reply from Dugs: "Yes, Rookharp has had a run of successful investments over the last few years, all top 3 holdings, and all BCP (Bizz) introductions." What a few months make!

    Thanks everyone for putting up with me and my rants (if anyone has even bothered to read my long-winded ones)! Hopefully, this thread will entice some of the former posters who still hold shares to contribute once again. No one wants me and only a couple of others consistently pushing the message. I have had enough of playing the role of Mrs Doubtfire especially when I do have limited knowledge and fortitude.... even my sense of humour is waning and feel like I need another holiday already!

    Cheers - Shell
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