****basic lessons for beginner traders***

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    1/ Always listen to the Goblin. Goblins have majical powers which humans can only wish to possess and have aliances with everyone.

    2/ Never upon never become emotionally attached to a stock

    3/ Never buy a stock which is running unless its a short trade or you are bloody confident

    4/ Always use stop-losses

    5/ Buy on days the market is down and offload when it is rising

    6/ Always listen to the Goblin

    7/ Keep on buying MAP, MIG, MCG, AMP NXS, SUN, ASX, TAH, UTB and all banks incl MBL. You won't go wrong imho.

    8/ Never ever listen to a pillow biter!! They have no friggin idea and become bitter and busted as they get roasted and toasted by the Goblin. Do exactly the opposite to pillow biters recommendations.

    9/ Known Pillow Biters to avoid: singas(singedass), webs the pleb, richardrusssel, davidwhi(davidpiss) supersonicsucker, stockmonster(stinkmonster)...the list is endless. Even better put them on ignore.

    10/ Consider taking profits if the return is greater than 10%.

    11/ Finally: Don't get too greedy!!

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