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basic fy resukts

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    The basic details of the Full Year results just released this morning by NZOG are as follows with last year result comparison figures :

    Amount (NZ$ 000s) Increase / (decrease)
    Revenue from ordinary activities 138,889 234,109 (41%)
    Surplus / (deficit) from ordinary activities after tax attributable to security holders 53,206 97,243 (45%)
    Net profit / (loss)attributable to security holders 53,206 97,243 (45%)

    NZ$ NZ$ %
    Net Tangible Assets per share 1.28 1.12 14%

    Interim/Final Dividend Amount per security Imputed amount per security
    Final Dividend 5 cents Fully imputed

    Record Date 18 September 2009
    Dividend Payment Date 2 October 2009

    Bother ! Okay those that went for the 5 cent dividend bet are right ! I was hoping to push David S. into pushing it up a bit. Never mind.
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