Bashar Assad is a murderous tyrant-Turnbull

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    Just saw the ABC headline indicating that Malcolm Turnbull has no doubt Syria's Bashar ASSAD is a murderous tyrant.

    Given the strength of that statement one can speculate that the USA, Russia and others have agreed to see the back of the dictator.

    Malcolm Turnbull is coming across as a thoughtful Prime Minister and gives me greater confidence that both our economy will be looked after as that will underpin our standard of living and that he is more likely to do it in a fairer way than would have previously applied. Business confidence has surged and that tells the story behind the ascension of Malcolm Turnbull.

    Other than the minority of stand by my man Tony brigade, Malcolm Turnbull has the people and business community listening to him. Unfortunately for Bill Shorten who is trying real hard to project Labor's policies and himself, the rise of Malcolm Turnbull has filtered him out of the scene. No-one is listening. Background noise lol. If that continues Labor is in deep trouble as the election looms. Labor needs a circuit breaker but its not obvious where it will come from.

    Any suggestions lol.
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