base metal prices crashing +abc israel

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    GOld down to 410
    Copper down 7% to 1.35 from 1.46
    Lead down over 4%
    Nickel down 14%
    Alluminium down 5%
    Zinc down 7%
    what the hells going on here?

    just a minor retrace from recent highs, or is the run over for good?

    By the way i saw the anti israel vanunu rubbish interview in nightline tonight, what a joke, i cant believe australia is so anti israel.

    I watch nightline for yrs, everytime they have someone anti israel like vanunu or a palestinian, the reporter tony jones always 'goes with the flow', does not ask 'hard' 'opposing quesions' always agrees with the person he is interviewing, but when he interviews PRO israel people like govt spokespeople, hes always QUESTIONING them negatively and always makes them ARGUE their point, whereas when he interviews anti israel people he never makes them argue their point, a disgrace i would have expected anti israel reporting like this from france or argentina or saudi arabia but australia, im ashamed.

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