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    Shellbell is hell-bent on manipulating this forum (lol)... ramping the idea of housekeeping.

    I reckon its time to follow the lead of a few other forums who have a thread for miscellaneous discussions for things like price action, random questions... stuff not based on fundamental analysis or charting. That way, those interested in the more specific and definitive information can easily find it on the two threads below without unrelated discussions clogging them up. We now have two the distinct FA and TA threads happening:-

    Bass Moving Forward - for Fundamental Analysis

    Charting - for Technical Analysis (obviously)

    “Never the twain shall meet”. I think we all know what the consequences of a “woman scorned” means! So, for all BA stuff please use this thread:-

    Banter & Random Stuff - for Banter Analysis

    PS: The other type of analysis, based on emotion (EA) that I was formerly a champion of is now redundant and for the sin-bin! tongue.png
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