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    Shame to see that happen above, but maybe an IPO that dilutes the holders was bound to do that?

    We saw it when we merged with GMM.

    Wonder who took their money off the table and where it will go?

    Great thing for us is we still have that US$280 million coming in from the POSCO transaction.

    The equivalent of just under AU$400 million according to Google.

    And that doesn't include our regular income.

    Some have said we might see $2 which is the equivalent of around maybe AU$830 million?

    I dunno if it will happen, am surprised to see us here now.

    One thing to be excited about for me (and I'm sorry if it upsets others) is that we will have all this cash and the market is slowly falling away.

    Though what happens to others could happen to us.

    Would an offer today of $5 per share be accepted by holders?

    We come to this conversation from time to time but we also have new holders buying in that would likely say YES! for a gain of well over 100%

    Something to think about...

    I'm interested to see what occurs tonight for the Livent IPO code LTHM on the NYSE.

    They are only spinning off a small part of their business though the plans are to use those funds to expand their operations at Salar Del Hombre Muerto right next door to us...

    Or possibly with us.

    All is not lost, I think there are some silver linings worth considering.

    Welcome to any new holders.

    Thanks for taking away opportunities for shorters to cover.

    Answer your question @sachz?
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