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    FrantzFanon said, "After what happened with the Dow Jones overnight I am going to take a day off watching the ASX, including GXY. Maybe the rest of the week. Maybe the rest of the month. But I will be back sooner or later, as will GXY's SP!"

    What everyone, really has to try to understand is that "Mr Market" will do exactly what Wall St's "Masters of the Universe" and their own best current global-strings-pulling, smoke-and-mirrors front-man, "Th Donald" wants, to make it do, at their own behest.

    All of the whining and moaning and hysterics and crying and foot stamping and tanty-throwing and general carrying-on in the world, about ..ANY.. particular stock's daily SP fluctuations wont change that salient fact by even one iota, and hence, IMHO, it's best to listen to the Oracle of Omaha's own-best-world-beating-investment-wisdom when he says, "If you aren't prepared to own a stock for ten years, don't even think about owning it for ten minutes" and then ..try.. to understand, the exact true meaning, and his own true intention, of those very simple and few wise words.

    As Max Schubert, Penfolds first Chief Winemaker and the creator of Grange Hermitage said, "Patience, has its own rewards" and if you'd like any further proof of that, then simply have a look at what a bottle of Max's very first vintage of his Grange now sells for. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/7589516/10-of-the-worlds-most-expensive-bottles-of-wine.html?image=3

    IMHO in the next 5 years Lithium powered ..EVERYTHINGS.. will be one of the greatest disruptions of the "established-market" in recent history, and I don't think that you need to understand really much more than that, to comprehend just why, there is now so much at stake in the global battle for just who, will control, the world's "New White Oil".  

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