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"You wonder why lithium chemical prices have dropped so...

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    "You wonder why lithium chemical prices have dropped so dramatically when demand is there, and supply has not quite caught up.
    Is the bottleneck at the converter/battery manufacturing level really the only cause?"

    Personally, I have ..never, ever,.. suspected the Chinese, of being a nation comprised of stupid folks, and so, think about it..!

    Remembering that China is a "Command Economy" and that what the Government says, ..goes.. and that they were most certainly made very well aware, in advance, of China's impending, Lithium 'end products' and hence, 'Battery manufacturing' capability bottlenecks, caused by the ever increasingly desperate need for their country's Lithium Converters to dramatically scale-up their raw Lithium products processing capabilities, well, what possibly better time could they pick, than then, for China-Inc. to 'orchestrate, a fall in the prices' that they had until then been forced to pay for securing their own steady supplies of Lithium raw materials, being regularly imported, ...from 'The-West'....??

    And so, in accordance with a Central Bureau 'decree' their nation's Lithium processors, in a united action, close down their plants and embark upon a large scale capacity re-build program, whilst, 'China-Inc.' then actively sets about spreading a rumor to, The-West, of an oversupply of Lithium raw materials and (temporarily) unwanted mountainous stockpiles of the stuff piling up at home (conveniently neglecting to mention, of course, the 'real reason' for that situation) whilst then proceeding to rapidly tighten their China-Inc. 'Lithium raw materials buying price thumb-screws' upon all of its 'Laowai' (foreign) Lithium raw material, suppliers, and then also, simultaneously taking advantage, of the narrow window of opportunity thus presented, by those same China-Inc. artificially lowered Lithium buying prices, to then embark upon a China-Inc. global buying-up program of Lithium mining companies, who are by now, 'conveniently' operating under their own China-Inc. artificially constructed, and imposed, 'distressed raw materials pricing' regimen.

    And so, are you still wondering now, why, JL (now spruiking for his new China-Inc. masters) was so completely 'dirty' with Galaxy's BOD when they told him, and 'his-new friends' to go take a hike, with their 'purposely' (and very carefully, and patiently, constructed) 'low-ball pricing offer' for our SDV's world class leading quality, Lithium Brine reserves....??

    And why, now, certain 'friends' on here, of JL, are 'so actively' pushing their'vote-no-agenda' for ..our.. company's BOD Remuneration package, and now, even going so far as to ..'not so subtly'.. plant their own suggestions, of replacing AT, with ...Iggy Tan...

    Do you ever get the slight feeling, that some folks here, on our Galaxy HC Forum just might, be, trying to actually 'manipulate' your own, thinking, for ..their..own..'undisclosed agendas'.....???

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