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    I've also only been holding lithium stocks for less than a year but despite the apparent fall in sentiment I've only been topping up while SP has fallen. In my opinion, if the EV revolution doesn't take a foot hold around the world to help turn the tide on climate change and pollution, I don't know what will. It seems simpler logistically than hydrogen and watching charging stations roll out nationwide, momentum is growing, alongside all the international stories posted here on HC and elsewhere.

    EVs are nicer to drive too. The experience is much more in touch with how we expect things to work in this day and age. No noise, clunkiness and bad smells, just silent, effortless responsiveness, and plug it in overnight just like your phone.

    Before investing in lithium and vanadium amongst other stocks this year I found I mostly read depressing news stories about what damage is occurring to the environment, these days however since investing I have spent much more time reading about the potential of solar, grid battery storage, the ev revolution that has lifted my frame of mind to be more optimistic about the future even while the stock prices have fallen! Though hopefully the latter won't last too much longer...

    While I'm here, I'd like to share my ideas of an electrically powered driver-optional future. I imagine privately owned vehicles of the future being made compulsorily driverless in urban areas but still being able to enjoy driving in uncongested suburban and rural areas. I imagine the shape of utility vehicles could become more similar to that of a caravan since no longer needing to drive, other activities could be done on the road. Even for personal use such a style could be popular - think pimp my ride on steroids! Hobby rooms, home (mobile!) theaters, libraries, hifi rooms, office space; without needing to concentrate on the road, time on the road could be spent doing almost anything!

    I also imagine hyperloop type tubes connecting major cities, you would be able to drive from your home and enter a lane towards the portal, and possibly without stopping, have your vehicle attach to a freighter that travels inside the tube, deactivating your cars controls and smoothly accelerating a convoy of vehicles inside up or down the country to then seamlessly exit within minutes onto the roads of the next city...

    Dreams are free, and although owning stocks aren't, I also dream it won't be too long before I can free carry some of my lithium stocks...
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