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    Hey AC,

    Thanks for the suggestion...

    Great idea!

    Now I have 10 that I liked, a new shirt on order and a canvas print on its way.

    Livent, good conversation point.

    Can I say they remind me of a streaker, that has just made their way over the barrier.

    Everyone's seen them now, perched up, ready to jump onto the field..

    They cant turn back, it's time to run across the field and live up to the plan.

    It would appear that the easiest way for them to expand their lithium production numbers is to expand next door to, or with us at Salar del Hombre Muerto.

    Waiting on Nemaska will take too long, though after Nemaska's recent transactions I am not sure if FMC/Livent will receive any supply from them down the track.

    Livent have openly admitted they are reliant on other companies for raw materials. This is one of the reasons that Joe has always referred to their plan as a house of cards strategy.

    Watching Livent streak across the field is going to be entertaining no matter what happens!

    One thing I have been thinking about if you know much about it is lithium metal and lithium chloride.

    I'm pretty sure I've seen or heard mention that the price for lithium metal is up around US$100,000 per tonne. Though I don't think I would be mistaken thinking it was/is much higher.

    Lithium metal is what they would be using in solid state batteries expected early to mid 20's.

    Lithium metal from my understanding requires lithium chloride to produce and to do that having a source with the lowest impurities would be of significant advantage to keep the costs down.

    Makes sense for Galaxy to do it from Sal De Vida, but then is it worthwhile considering preparing for that shift from hydroxide to metal down the track. I'm wondering if you or anyone else here has any thoughts on it?

    By the way AC. You can hire those electric scooters in Penang. I wanted to do it when I was there but didn't get around to it.

    POSCO money this week?

    Just in time for the earnings call...

    With a little trading halt just before to add some suspense.

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