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    This post had to be posted in the humour section because monogamy is still the forum joke,and its worst investor.

    CBA & NAB are down 30% & 20% from their highs and monogamy,helloser has kittens because they gain 2%,today they have given back their little gains.

    His beloved SUN, that he was calling a "HUGE BUY" at $15.40,is trading today at $10.66.

    TAH,which the loser has been ramping for months is still in a 6 month downtrend from its high of $13.36,it`s down today to $9.89,the downtrend continues.

    As another poster said,monogamy is the ultimate contrarian indicator and the proof is above.

    Apparently,Metastock want to include him in their next version as their new Contrarian Indicator.I don`t use indicators but this one would be very accurate,judging by his above recommendations,everyone of them wrong,what`s new?

    monogamy has the worst strike rate on Hotcopper.

    The main reason why he has changed nics 6 times.

    Stalked any innocent women lately,loser.

    Well,Graheme Finn of Geelong,you are a loser.
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