Banks - new pecking order?

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    I posted a couple of weeks ago that the fund manager's always seemed to need one bank to act as a kicking post - for years it was ANZ, and more recently it has become WBC.

    With all of the majors having now reported it may well be time to revisit the pecking order of the banks.

    1) Cleary, ANZ will remain the favourite with relatively transparant reporting and confident of being able to maintain double digit growth.

    2) WBC is my next choice - quicte a good last half, and predicting continued healthy growth next year. BT funds integration maybe only dark cloud.

    3) & 4) Take your pick NAB or CBA - both un-impressive performance's both present and forecast.

    On balance I reckon NAB has got to be hot contender to take over the "dog" bank stock title. (oh, how the mighty fall!!)

    In summary, I see funds will re-weight their banking sector holdings, out of CBA and NAB and into ANZ and WBC. In relative terms WBC should be the clear winner.

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