banks - leading the point gains

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    thats of todays XAO rise, so far; for the XJO its 12-points of todays rise so far... banks certainly leading the way and certainly an amazing run from a few months ago lows, how much steam have they left?
    Starting to look very toppy although I realise my view is skewed since I am still bearish. Banks potential short worth watching closely but my guess is that there is a huge window dressing interest for them to remain high until at least the end of the financial year; still the massive relative % and point gains for the indices is worth noting and this rally is certainly far from broad-based, rather narrow and manipulated?
    Of the XAO 250-point gain from the 2750 level banks account for more than half at 132-points and for the XJO its even higher at 160-points.. Believe it or not?
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