Banks,Fergyl and the path to hell!!

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    Fergyl has taken his share of bank bashing as we are all meant to hate banks.....they close down branches,give no service,chase your money,look down their noses at customers etc.What we may be missing is that have finally attained a position of quasi government right under our noses.Many will say that it happened years ago and they may be right.However it seems to have happened due to big banks being close to the oil majors and 'joe' public having most of his assets in real estate through mortgages supplied by banks.This has put banks in a very powerfull position with so many homeowners worldwide and petrodollars a major instrument of money exchange.Now I am not a product of a university but I can see that the combination of oil and banks and property has produced a monolith bigger than governments.How this all plays out will be interesting but I hope the 'warfare' ingredient is only used sparingly.Would be very interested in comments from our intellectuals out there as to how this will be projected into the future.
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