banking usa style

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    Received this email from a freight forwarder out of Dallas - makes me feel a little better about how our banks operate - seems like they ball go to the same school of gouging.

    Greetings to you.

    No, Sir our company is not set up to accept credit cards, and yes, most
    banks are now charging you if you visit a bank teller. They have set up
    equipment outside their bank and all over the city, so you can deposit and
    withdraw monies. A N D if you happen to use an ATM that is not located
    outside their doors, there would be a $3.00 charge pre transaction. Our
    banks charges $25.00 to return our canceled checks, and if we have sent
    than 25 checks per month thru their system, there would be another $25.00
    fee. If we happen to lose a check and ask them for a copy, there is a
    an hour search cost, plus $10.00 per check for photocopying and faxing.
    Mailing will cost another $10.00. I can go on for ever, but you get the
    of it.

    All the best,
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