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    I understand the Fed involvement and all but how on earth can so much money be at so much risk against so little equity. Protect it... Protect it... at all costs. There couldnt possibly be much more money available to throw into the system with the cost of all there non-performing loans to Sth America Africa and the likes. The war on terror. The propping of their market with monopoly money. Sooner or later it has to give and the greenback gets recognised as a highly overvalued currency. I arent arguing that there must be some economic tools left to utilise but WHAT. Throw a little more fear at this one and down she goes. OK I am a pessimist and have been since the early nineties and watched and particated in disbelief as the bubble got blown out of proportion, I just dont think I am satisfied we are even close to the bottom or am I hanging on to my CASH position tightly waiting for too ridiculous a buy point. By then I will probably be too scared to act anyway. I am glad this is only an expensive hobby and not real.
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