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bang on the rubber knob

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    As Rex Hunt says at the start of his calling of a game of footy, "the umpire throws the air conveyance on the rubber knob and goes bang..........."

    So wipper you little snipper, do you prefer Rex or the moustached one, Dipper?
    You say enjoy the ride, but so far it's been an up and down slide. Mr Williams sure takes pride, but as we've learnt, you don't go against the tide.

    No doubt the tide is turning, and it pleases me the little aussie dollar aint burning. So it's time for the Laverton boys to pick up their picks and shovels, and get us all out of trouble.

    The time for serious share price enhancement is drawing nearer, as the massive resource becomes a little bit clearer. There's gold in dem der hills Williams exclaims, you've waited a while now it's time to get yer fill !!

    Take a1m like a golden archer, and fire that arrow in the sky, we all want to see the share price fly. Where it will end up is anyone's guess, be it Wippers, Bandys,Doogsies or Nathanblogs, it will surely test.

    Along the way, it will ebb and flo, and that's where Geigercounter has the know. With his doji's and chinese lanterns and candlesticks, picking the trends really is his trick. And it ain't magic. Neither tragic.

    At the end of the day, this company has nothing to hide, it has taken all before it in its stride. So ladies and gents, when we start to pour, that's when the SP will begin to soar. Swim with the tide and let us all enjoy the ride ! There will be those that will sink and float, but I want to be the one that gloats !!

    Happy New Year !
    2010 will be big
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Currently unlisted public company.

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