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Banda - just tell us whats there !!!

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    How does everyone feel now that we are so close to finding out what's in Banda? Will the results of this first exploration well be worth the wait? Its been a long wait for those of us that are still holding from before Chinguetti 1.

    Whats your take on the speedy progress Ching, Abuman, Butcherano, Pagarsi et al? They obviuosly did not encounter the gas that was in secondary sands at around 1750 metres in Ching 2 - this held them up for a number of days while it was cased and tested/cored. So its staright on to the oil????? (I hope)

    I believe that WPL's fall today is POO (Price Of Oil) related (and Iraq's news) and not to do with any inside selling related to Banda. HDR price action has been surpisingly calm - I guess its the usual play off between those selling before the results and others (not many) getting set. Any ideas on what might happen over the next few days before results are out ?


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