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Balloon Loosing air gslowly Eddie

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    Hi Eddie,
    Since my last warning have the shares fallen or risen Eddie?

    Those who have not already Liquidated are either fortunate or real smart as this one is not crashing real fast, yet.Presumably there are a lot more sellers yet to come who have not got out at the higher prices, so the price has not fallen too much so that there is more chance for them to get out. The price rolled over some time ago and started to head for a bath.
    Money assets per share which have been notified to the market have fallen due to the effuition of time , they may now not be more than AU$0.19 a share .I just do not know .
    If it is a Real goer then buyers will want to get set before take off. If they are to be very bad news as they were once before then the real buyers will not return and the sellers will look for easers to ease them out of the shares .
    Best wishes to you Eddie.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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