Bali Ultimately Bullish For Local/NZ Tourism Safe

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    Bali Will be Very Bullish for ASX / Local and NZ Tourism, especially North Queensland, as safe havens, I believe.
    Many families may now avoid SE-Asia.

    I expect the Howard spin doctors to rework this into a strong anti-terrorist theme, as soon as the media is focussed on Aussie orphans, burns casulties and funerals. It maytake a week or two, but an extra "homeland" security levy, to say double the SAS regiment, and related intelligence resources, may also be very feasible shortly.

    A far more intensive Federal Police intelligence prescence in Asia, both overt and covert is assurred now, IMHO.

    The ASX is up well despite the US quality US media, ie, Washington Post, Bloomberg having extensive coverage.

    Although horrid, Australia has survived and coped with far worse than this since Federation. We must think ahead three months.


    The Washington Post:
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