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    So far you have disgracefully suggested that the Federal Government has been complicit in the bombing and murder of over 180 people in Bali.

    Also that the government blew up the Hilton.

    You then dump on the memory of a lot of brave young men who died fighting for the novel idea of mateship and freedom by slagging off the Anzacs who proved their bravery by being 10% of the allied forces but capturing more than 25% of all prisoners , liberated towns and enemy ordnance in the Great War.

    As one British war correspondent described them " gladiators with the eyes of children."

    Its obvious that you despise all things Australian, from sport, politics, institutions, right down to who our friends what the hell are you doing here at all?
    grabbed a passport as insurance when you were scared of being booted out of your last abode i think.

    Your reference to my mother would be offensive except unlike you, i know , or rather im not afraid to know who my parents are...which begs the question seeing as how i seem to remember your changing heritage from chinese to black to Inuit depending on your argument.

    Pleas refresh my memory are they the ones that eat their dogs ..or the ones that eat their relatives?

    Its obvious where you got your indoctrination from, so
    please pick up your Communist Party membership card, your free copy of the Green Left Weekly, jump some grubby tramp steamer and bugger off home.......and take some of your mates with you.

    Labors social experiment..the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

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