Bali Death Toll Rising...

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    from Yahoo;

    Sunday October 13, 12:00 PM

    Bali blast toll tipped to top 100

    At least 67 people have been confirmed dead in the huge explosion that destroyed two bars on the Indonesian island of Bali, but the total death toll is expected to top 100, hospital officials and witnesses said.

    A doctor at Sanglah hospital in the Bali capital Denpasar said that 67 bodies, most of them foreigners, were in the hospital's morgue.

    The doctor, identified as Darma, said that bodies were continuing to arrive at the hospital from the overnight explosion in Kuta, and that many of those being treated in hospital were in a critical condition.

    A journalist from Metro TV at the scene said meanwhile that around 50 bodies had also been laid out on the ground outside the popular Sari Club which bore the full brunt of the explosion.

    "Right now I have about 50 bodies near me and rescuers are still bringing out bodies," the journalist said.

    She said that all those victims had only come from Sari Club and that the Padi bar across the street had still not been searched.

    The size of this blast smells like terrorism to me.
    Bali is a non-muslim Island with a high number of international visitors.
    It makes sense for Muslim terrorists to attack Bali as few muslims would be killed and the Balinese economy could be ruined by this event, further destabilizing Indonesia.
    Anyway it will be interesting when we find out who is to blame.

    Dave R.
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