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bailues spec buy soon to remove the word spec

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    Well to put a spec buy on a stock near all time highs is very bullish but I love the wording of "soon to remove the word speculative" from the equation...sounds to me like these guys think LUM has a lot of potential.
    Tolhurst are the house brokers for this stock,no doubt they will be coming out with a reccomendation also and hopefully a target guess is that if they use the figures lum give of 30 signs in europe only we'll be looking at a target now of somewhere around $2.
    You do the quite simple...the managing director not all that long ago put a figure of 10c to the share price for each sign that is built.I dont think that figure can be used anymore due to the extra shares that came from excercising the options and also from the revenue splitting between its partners.
    Even if you halved the figure you still get a share price of $1.50+ and thats only for the companies that are interested now...cant wait until the nips and yanks start getting interested...lets say we get 30 from america and 30 from asia in the next 12 months alone and there is no reason why this isnt possible then youd be looking at a share price of $5...this wouldnt even include more deals down the track.


    LUM yesterday announced three new screen deals in Europe see the attached company announcement.

    We believe that there will be several more announcements between now and the end of the year.

    LUM needs 2.5 screens to break even, they now have four in place in Europe.

    We expect that once LUM has several more screen deals in place they will be able to publicly release revenue and earnings forecasts, they will be able to give average revenue numbers per screen, each deal is slightly different and commercially sensitive.

    We will soon be able to put a PE on LUM and consider removing the word Speculative from the recommendation.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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