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    I trust everyone has had a great Christmas.
    Yesterday I needed one of those recovery days, involving a few drinks with friends, watching the cricket and quietly musing about ESG.The following is some of that musing:
    In my opinion it appears that Casey has seen the light and commenced a better communication model to the outside world. One of the problems with geologists is they get in their own world and fail to see that us mere mortals may not understand all of the discoveries they have made. Gas flows and MOU's, not the thickness of coal seams as good as they are, is what the market needs as a base for bidding the share price upwards and keeping us onside. To his credit Casey appears to have decided to improve the information flow and what happened, the share price decline stopped in its tracks, moving upwards, with confidence returning to the Hot Copper fraternity and others.
    Reports from the company are now highlighting the improving gas flows which then attracts analysts of the calibre of Ivor Ries in his Baillieu Research to become interested and investigate in some detail the potential of ESG. Now I know that I commented about this Research in a previous posting but in my musing mode I commenced rereading this Research and the first para really jumped out at me..." ESG has announced that the Bibblewindi West trilateral production pilot-based on the hithto unexplored Namoi coal seam - is producing gas at a rate of more than 2 million cubic feet per the wells are still undergoing dewatering, a significantly higher initial peak production rate - possible as much as 3.5mmscf/day - may be achieved within the next 3-4 weeks". Now Ivor Reis who wrote this was an investigative financial reporter with the Financial Review before joining Baillieu. As I had a beer I thought Ivor isn't convinced easily and here is a figure thats good,bl..dy good,3.5mmscf/day!!! In 3 to 4 weeks!!Now the report was available on the 22/12 which makes it only 2 to 3 weeks away and that is some increase. Hardmano is better on figures than I am but with ESG's prior announcement of 2mmscf/day at their other pilot they are not far away from 6 mmscf/day!! Hmmm I decided to change from beer to champagne even in my musing starting to wonder if Holy's Jamacian Number 1 was available in more place than Jamacia. Happy New Year guys,sorry for the rambling but the stars are lining up, this company is well named!!
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