baghdad falls - that was easy..

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    Since getting back this evening I have scanned a fair whack of the more creditable media and it seems that the US has had victory over Baghdad claimed on its behalf by certain members of the media.

    Eastern Baghdad is Shi'ite as I understand it, people who would be most happy to see an end to Hussein's ruling Sunni's. So I guess some level of jubilation at both that and the opportunity the US has afforded them to upgrade their furniture and whitegoods is no surprise.

    Seems to me there is only one small problem.

    Where is the Iraqi resistance be it Republican Guard, regular Army, or irregulars?

    Mass surrenders of soldiers, weapons etc?

    Is the end to this being called just a shade early or is the silence (ie East Baghdad captured with barely a shot - quote media) just a shade omminous.

    Obviously lets hope either Hussien is dead or has decided on a carreer change.

    As a seperate matter I note a number of Middle Eastern Politics specialists saying that when the US finally finish him off Saddam Hussein will gain martyrdom and followings that he could never have hoped to achieve whilst alive. Funny old world isn't it?

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