Background story to CV19 / HCQ and IVM treatments, page-62

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    Great point made time again. There is no point vaccinating those who have natural immunity who have recovered from cv19.

    So you have to ask, why the push to do so? and same question why they are trying to push it on kids ?

    So lets think about what a person who has been vaccinated, who then has to go back time and time again for a booster ? because their immune system has been jacked onto one strain, and its natural response to new strains compromised.??

    Yet the person who has natural immunity from recovery naturally does not need to go anywhere near a needle.

    And every time you go back for that booster, you run the risk of these Spike proteins leaking into your cardiovascular system. And then the toxic pathogenic spike proteins damage heart, blood vessels, brain, bone marrow, ovaries ? etc.
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