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    Commentary by Margo Kingston
    October 11, 2004 06:55 PM

    Harry Heidelberg is a Webdiary columnist and a friend of mine.

    Most Australians prefer to drive unimpeded on the freeway be it the Scoresby Freeway or a freeway somewhere else. Bug*ger the road less travelled.

    Freeways are great because they are the very embodiment of our Australian society. On a freeway you can get where you want quickly and easily. You fly along in your cocoon. You choose your own music, your own temperature, your own speed and on the whole, you can isolate yourself from everyone else. It's the right of the individual and the right of freedom of mobility.

    On a freeway, you don't even notice the passing countryside or cityscape. It's all a kind of blur and only the electronic signs can tell you what is going on. They are your one source of information. They aren't diverse or unique because that is not needed on a freeway. The purpose of the freeway is single minded and its media need not be otherwise.

    So last Friday I was raving on about the road less travelled. It was all about a green verge in a wood and possibilities not thought of before. The road less travelled has been rejected. I never liked Labor anyway so for me, that was NOT how I defined the road less travelled. I just wanted to explore pathways beyond our normal way of looking at things. I suppose I wanted to take in the scenery and the full breadth of opportunities ahead of us. It was all about driving a bit slower, winding down the windows and hoping for some surprises. Smelling the flowers even.

    For Australians with the cruise control locked in at 110 km/hr my wish to take a different trip looks self indulgent and ridiculous. Fair cop. I think the big mistake Australians of my ilk could make now, would be to retreat to our enclaves and bi*tch and moan. I mean already I am getting angry about this.

    Stop bl*oody carping and stop whining. Listen to what people are saying and GET IT. Don't hide behind ridiculous excuses and lie about lies. Don't say it was about a lie or mortgages people can't repay. Face the truth. Face it honestly and brutally. Australians have utterly endorsed John Howard and the government he leads. They believe he has led them to prosperity.

    This is an undeniable truth. So don't lie to yourselves. Stop being delusional. Don't smell the coffee, wake up and drink it. Become very alert to what is going on. Do not belittle people who support one of our most successful governments. Ditch disdain.

    Face it guys, it doesn't work. People will laugh in your faces, the more you peddle disdain. All they will do is turn up the radio in the car, notch the cruise control up to 112 km/ hr and shut you out.

    The economy is good so stop lying about it.

    Australia has become a fast society. It has moved on and is moving quickly. The Australia of 2004 is a 21st century thing. Forget the seventies, eighties and nineties. Everything from those past eras is DEAD. Get over it and start living in the here and now.

    For those who wish to leave Australia as a result of the election, I urge them to do it quickly. I've lived overseas for much of my adult life to this point and it is great. Just pick a good country and you can live well. I mean wake up though. You will arrive in your new country and find many things better than Australia. You will also find things that disturb you. Memo to those who want to cut and run from their own country: bon voyage and good luck.

    Dont talk about going, just GO.

    For those who want to stay, face the new era and think what it means, people like me who are coming back. My, my the airports are going to be busy. What a w*ank though. Those who are leaving and those who are coming back are a joke. Australians on the freeway couldn't care less if you leave or if I come back. Again, stop being self indulgent.

    Mark Latham must resign. He ran a dreadful campaign and failed to address the issue Australians care most about: the economy. He pedalled an incoherent philosophy that was full of contradictions.

    The man himself is a living contradiction and people don't trust him. He talks of creating opportunity and then pisses on forestry workers. Memo to mark: tattooed blokes don't relish the prospect of becoming dainty waitresses at Tasmania's mooted $800 million bed and breakfast eco-tourist industry.

    The contradictions are everywhere. Others have mentioned them so there is no point in repeating them here. He is a clown and a joke and he was in the loco when the train wrecked.

    Australians on the freeway saw the smoke form the train wreck and briefly thought "what was that all about"? For them it was yet another blur as they drive along. The train wreck scene has passed and now the chatter in the car turns to other more pleasant things. Should we go to Ikea or Harvey Norman?

    Labor is now irrelevant. I expect they will continue to implode on themselves.

    In the new era the people need to take more responsibility to make the government accountable. The Senate will no longer be a check on power. Power is now absolute in a way we haven't seen for a very long time. The result is unambiguous and people need to start acting with clarity. Australians appreciate straight talking and clarity. They do not appreciate hypocrisy and double standards.

    For those, like me, who believe there are important things to defend and a new agenda's to advance, I would say to you, get over the election. Wake up to the new era and start working. Participate in new media on the internet because the old one is about to die. Get out of your enclaves and get to know real Australians. It is a time to become more integrated, not a time to become more isolated.

    We have a truly unique opportunity ahead of us. It's time to stop pottering around on the road less travelled. Stop wasting time in the woods. It is a big w*ank. Get out of the woods and truly see the forest for the trees.

    That is the only way to save the things we hold so dear about Australia.

    Did you hear about that woman in North Queensland who jumped on the back of a crocodile in order to save a companion's life? Wild stuff, but it is that kind of thing that is needed from now on. All croc wrestlers: apply within. A time for brave souls lies ahead.
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