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    lightbulb Created with Sketch. 1492 were already BIG....we already have massive market potential in OA...we really don't need anything else. In fact don't worry about OA...MPS has been said to be a company maker in it's own right. With not one but two huge hits firmly in our focus now, it can be argued there is nothing more we need to do in terms of other indications.

    Within the massive market of OA...there is a sub component that we haven't really talked much about thus's the area of back pain....Paradigmers, tonight I present to you some interesting information on the action of iPPS on back pain.

    This one will be one for the records in terms of length, lots of material out there, so I'll break it up into two parts..remember, it's not just theory I'm plucking randomly off the's material applicable to does it affect us, what does it mean, what is the science behind our drug and a case study that will blow your mind....let's first review the table of contents for PART 1:


    On the 23rd of Feb Gamedub inquired about Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD). Now I am in no way the first to cover such a topic, in fact I recall Equitable also covered DDD in the past.

    Tonight fellow shareholders, let us chat about DDD and Back pain in general.


    Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doc or miss work. Symptoms can include
    • Muscle ache
    • Pain that radiates down your leg
    • Pain that worsens if you bend or lift/walk or sometimes stand.

    "Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease, characterised by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, with a consequent increase in bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture".1 Did you know it is the most common type of metabolic bone disease in the U.S., and the condition affects more than 25 million people. The disease causes more than 1.3 million fractures each year, including 500,000 spine, 250,000 hip and 240,000 wrist fractures annually. Hip fractures are the most serious consequence of osteoporosis, with some 5-20% of patients dying within one year, and over 50% of survivors being incapacitated.
    OA of the back, a serious condition that affects many....

    There is plenty of room for OA in terms of the spine, some 33 bones make up this column called the vertebrae.


    When to escalate?Go see a Doc if the pain doesn't subside, if pain can be felt below the knee or if the pain was a result of accident or injury. Onset of fever and new bowel or bladder problems are also a signal to escalate. Numbness, weakness and/or swelling in your back are symptoms that are signs you need to escalate.

    Don't leave it too long, usually earlier diagnosis is the best. We guys can be pretty slack sometimes...but we need to act when it comes to health warnings....I'm no Doc, see also Disclaimers section.


    There can be multiple causes some of which may include:

    • Herniated Disk
    • Degenerative Disk
    • Bulging Disk
    • Infection
    • Vertebral Fracture
    • Vertebral cancer
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • LorosisOsteporosis
    • Scoliosis

    Nice to 'read' the words on a screen...better to 'see' the pic for a better explanation. 2.5

    There are a few more but this is just a can see these are many applications here and it would take months just to study them all. Each topic above could well be a Mozzarc post and you can see just how wide the application of iPPS could actually be one day. Imagine, one day there may be a whole team that work at PAR just in the area of back and back related applications.


    If your lower back hurts, it may actually not be OA of the spine that's causing could be a number of things but there is a chance it's actually your HOA (Hip osteoarthritis), larger studies have found there to be between a 20% and 49% chance that lower back pain is as a result of Hip OA.3 However, pain can a result of HOA you could experience pain anywhere from the groin and buttocks. Khan et al. found the presence of groin pain and buttock pain were 84.3% and 76.4%".3

    Check out the video below to get an idea of OA of the Lumbar, it's only around 1.5 mins.


    Bone spurs in the spine can occur, think of them like growth bulges or bony projections. These not only can cause the spine to stiffen but if they occur in certain spots then a bit like all those cables behind your desk getting crushed when you move your desk a little, the same thing happens, the cables, known as nerves in the spinal cord can get pinched causing pain and numbness and weakness in other parts such as the legs.5

    Yeah I can see a problem here...don't want to go moving that desk any closer to the wall please...

    Finally Lumbar degenerative disc disease is a natural part of aging. It will depend on the amount of pain and damage as to the remedies available. Some surgery options are minimally invasive but the stats say pain can persis in a number of cases...


    Right fact time...And why not start with an infamous Mozz ® Quiz...I love them, you love them...(don't pretend you don't).

    What % of Americans have had lower back pain at some stage in their lives?

    A) 17% (Finally, a reasonable Answer A), Happy?

    B) 26%

    C) 26.5% (You can see what I'm trying to do here, right?)

    D) 40%

    If you answered D) you were half right! Up to a whopping 80%! What's the link? Lumbar Spine OA is very common, it's estimated between "40% to 85% of people with chronic lower back pain may have it".2 Some 100 to 200 Billion dollars is spent annually on back pain alone in the USA6 with some 149 million working days lost per year.


    Nothing really is terribly effective and some of these are not recommended for long term use. A few other remedies actually add to the destruction and can speed up the cartilage destruction, doesn't sound like viable treatment to me.


    Part 2 of Back to pain will explore a bit more on what are the current remedies and how Paradigm's drug iPPS may be a disruptor in this area and what it means to us. Watch out in part 2 also for a case study that will add volumes to your prognosis of our little molecule, the Magic Juice.



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