The labour party stop negative gearing policy will hit all...

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    The labour party stop negative gearing policy will hit all investors. However the intended effect will be to also hit first home buyers too. For instance a lot of young homw owners cant buy a house straight so they rent and gear a property. In the future these young home owners wont be able to negative gear. This policy is going to affect everyone and not just the rich people (i.e anyone eho earns 100k is reach even though they pocket 60k after tax). It aint going to work as its a silly policy used to lure in young people. It will also force people to buy new property which are flats and more risky. Also their mum and dad's will lose out as every established houses will not be bought by investors I.e one big chunk of investors no longer can buy established houses

    Think hard if you think Bill is going to help you out you will be disappointed. A labour government gives to the poor money taken from the rich as well as from the poor.
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