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    investors are apparently invulnerable in the event of a property downturn right? there has never been an investor who sold for a loss? property investment is not all caviar and champagne you know, most investors have only 1 investment property and work their asses off.
    actually price stagnation has been ongoing for years. few pockets have seen beyond inflation growth for the last 5 years.
    what better investment options do you suggest beyond bricks and mortar property? shares? listed funds? how many millions, or billions will exit property investment as a result of Labours plan?
    actually what will happen when investors pull out, sure prices might dip a bit, because there will be less buyers competing. but rents will go up. because home owner owners don't want to rent out their homes - only investors, and why do it? if what it costs to buy a property and cover expenses, Vs rental income means you are losing money? why do it?? currently the 50% CGT exemption is key. take this way and the market is, well, Xxxxed!! you understand this right? they won't magically create new properties for the same renters to rent? you do understand this huh?
    5. so if you can't buy, and you can't rent locally, you need to move further out.
    6. by the way, property is intrinsically linked to inflation. so if property values crash, every dollar you earn is worth less when you spend it vs when you earned it. and that payrise, forget that, actually you need to consider a pay cut or they will make layoffs. you won't buy your new home if you have been made redundant.
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