“Malaga thinks the following will happen.” Malaga also thought...

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    “Malaga thinks the following will happen.”

    Malaga also thought the bottom of the Perth market some 2 years ago.

    Why would 1st homebuyers have to buy out in whoop whoop when the argument from the no changers was that it cause investors to sell their established investment closer in? And no I’m talking about blue chip suburbs, blue chip suburbs aren’t generally for investors or first homebuyers. If you hadn’t notice there are far less investor stock in these blue chip suburbs. It’s dominated buy homeowners.

    What is likely to happen when investors reduce buying in the middle suburbs is 1st homebuyers will have less competition from investors an a better chance of grabbing those investor type stock that they apparently wont want to buy anymore. You know the type of product that is less than $550k..

    I like optimism about stagnation? too bad it’s been misplaced for some time now..

    Let investors choose better investment options, the more that choose that route the less competition for 1st homes buyers.

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