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    Hi all,
    Great to see some interest again in the GG's here on the boards. All starting to come together for GG's now. Sam Russotti spent the last 12 months restructuring, orchestrating the purchase of the leases for Padre Island to put GGP in a strong position to drill the deep wells they have. He has secured farm out deals to share the costs as well as gaining control of the operation whereas they were at the mercy of the others as a 10% partner.
    More farm out agreements are to come as well as drilling timetables I would think. Jan 06 should see the commencement of drilling. All in good shape now and a great prospect especially with spot gas at $15 US. Good things to come in '06.
    I have a large holding here and have been patient but am looking forward to retiring on this one, it's a cracker !
    Good luck all


    ps would love to here others views
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