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Back of envelope calculation on $110 mill financing deal

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    Big Thanks for the calculation from "youwishfood" poster.

    "So 34% for $110M would mean the remaining 64% would be worth around $213M. They have 644M shares on issue right now.

    So based on that should be around 30 cents/share…. The $110M just about balances out the debts".

    And of course you have taken out the $110mill to cover existing debts, cheers for that.

    so at 30c/share this deal is worth, even if there was a 1 in 3 chance (33%) of deal getting done, the sp at some stage this week would have to be trading at 10c/share ? plus Cupric could come in over the top still and bid higher.

    the sp has come off a low base which was just plain stupid of 1.4c, there were no leaks leading into this announcment. if there was, the sp before halt might have run up to 2-2.5c, instead of staying at 1.4c.

    investor roadshow to come in the short term re instos coverage and exposure... plus delayed reaction to this large deal here, whilst everyone does their calculations, etc...
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