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back dating of agreement a disgrace

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    ""back dating of agreement a disgrace""

    as far back as I can remember with penny dreadful stocks.

    the one's that come out smelling like roses are the penny stocks, shareholders never get a look in.

    we first heard about the offer on 12/12/14.

    which it mentioned back dating from 1/7/14.

    September Qtr, December Qtr.

    why on earth did Nido deserve JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER & DECEMBER MONTHS.????

    I have a few thoughts on how and why it might have happened, but i'll keep them to myself.

    I wouldn't particularly recommend Otto as a buy to my friends, it's a wait and see.

    for his first deal, not really good.

    3 words come to mind "what a disgrace".

    in most cases "once a penny always a penny".

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