baby possum

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    This is absolutely true and was told to me firsthand over the weekend. I found it so funny at the time that I had red wine coming out my nose.

    Our neighbour (who told the story) is a WIRES (wildlife rescue) volunteer. She received a call from a lady who had found an injured possum.

    Wires: "Is it a male or female possum"
    Caller: "It's a female because it has two babies but I think the babies are dead"
    Wires: "Well, as a start I suggest that you remove the babies from the possum"

    One hour later

    Caller: "I've tried to remove the babies but I cant get them off and everytime I try she gets very upset"

    Our neighbour decided a house call was needed. On arrival she examined the possum only to discover that "she" was, in fact, a "he".

    No wonder the possum got upset when she tried to remove the babies!!

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