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b2 to telletubies2 and cdchi1

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    First of all URL is a way off from delivering and also the grades and the Resources may have conversion problems in substantial amounts to Reserves , who knows?Nothing is as it appears.CUO has made a brilliant offer IMHO
    cdchi1. I notice your comment,retative to myself and my knowledge about Zinc.I would remind you that it was not called for and it is in very bad taste.Your 'so called pronouncements on IGO , JML to take but two were not very smart for 2004 ' as I understand you have now admitted that yourself.Both closed lower than they opened during the Bonanza 2004 year . So let's put you and your ideas in perspective . Now you are promulgating your views on URL . Your post stating the low would be 12 cents because CUO said it would buy the shares at that price is technically incorrect and I consider it misleading IMHO. The reason is that the low may not be controlled by CUO as CUO could sell it's shareholding to all the Punters and take its profit and call off the takeover.When some of the Conglomerates were followed by punters in the UK in the 1970's era they turned round and sold their shares to the punters and stuffed them at abig prices and moved on to the next takeover target. Get some experience under your belt cdchi1 and meantime it might be an idea for you to think more clearly cdchi1 before you post in future .
    To Teletubbies7 I would mention that I disagree also with your comments relative to Mr Ingram and his Not letting his % holding in URL fall. In retrospect CUO used its cnsiderable brain power at its disposal and it was buying the shares at 12 cents and CUO was not then the prime mover at URL or the prime mover of the URL share price. And if Mr Ingram had purchased those shares when they were lower as did CUO then he would be sitting on a nice profit .It is always good to see a Prime mover Back his company all the way.
    I think you would also like to be sitting on a nice profit would you not teletubbies7. Bye the way to be fair to you I have noticed that you may have some potential.
    Relative to this URL/CUO situation then I will make this pregnant with meaning comment and point out that :-The smart one is CUO and it's backers, and that there is an important message for the future contained in this comment. B2

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