STU 0.00% 94.0¢ stuart petroleum limited

b2 to tastarga

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    My goodness tastarge , sticking your long nose out again. It is time to put you in your place.
    Your credibility is in tatters as far as I am concerned at least with that silly comment you made about being a'high diver ' from the top of the Rialto etc or whatever the stupid comment you made was, absolute rubbish from you . You were wrong , very ,very wrong about STU at $1.30 and I was correc, I sold out and said so .You have not even had the decency to admit it to me.How bad is that !!!!!!
    Any people taken in by you and your comments about STU at the time and how good it was 'Arwon' could have lost a lot of money.You should feel ashamed of yourself .
    I will never take any action whatsoever on your recomendations,you are blown as far as I am concerned.All over tastarga.
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