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    Thank you to the person that emailed me B2's post (see below my msg) just so that I can correct her on a few items.

    1/ B2, I bought IGO at between 30c and 40c...the price is now $1.20, thats a 400% return...if you like i can send you the contract notes...I also bought 320000 at around that price...see Top 20 from 2003 annual report (which is a snapshot taken at 12 September 2003)...theres me at number 18 or here is an extract for your reference. The origin of the name CDCHI should be quite clear now.

    16. Bradleys Polaris Pty Ltd 360,000 .53
    17. Eclipse Resources Pty Ltd 339,137 .50
    18 Carlo Chiodo 324,193 .48
    19. Stanley Boyd Investments 300,000 .44
    20. Bigson Pty Ltd 300,000 .44

    2/ You've used 1 October 2003 to compare IGO and BHP performance, a few days after the large spikes in IGO...try comparing it to oemtime in early September...

    3/ I do not think it would have been possible for me to buy 320,000 BHP...

    4/ Interezsting how you picked a few days after the major spikes in IGO to compare BHP against IGO...1 day earlier and you would have been about 200% off.

    However if you did buy IGO at 1.40+...oops bad luck but you will get your money back this year...though of course u probably sold at 95c or something.

    Please feel free to keep bagging IGO, it seems to help.



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    Subject: Just in case you miss it.. C you ought to be ashamed of yourself! lololol

    Subject b2 to cdchi1
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    Posted by Brunette-two

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    Your comment are misleading about me as they are taken out of context.
    Also Ypou Keep plugging loosing shares such as IGO . Cannot ypou realise that people will cee through you ? Have you a large pposition in IGO which is lower than its high of 7 October 2003 . By having funds tied up there any investor in IGO would have received a minus retun and also missed major opportunities such as being invested in an excellent company such as BHP .
    IGO has performed far worse than BHP from 7 October until now . What nonesense you preach.Why do you keep mentioning your loosers, one may ask ? You can make black appear as white when you take things out of context and have not given credit for differential investing . Think about what I have said about differential investing . BHP has been far better than IGO in the above period. If you are unable to see that Then I sugges yolu return to Sharescene or wherever else you chat.

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