<b><font color=blue>1 Buyer of 4.8million shares?<

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    There was movement at the station........ Just had a look at the market trades trying to work out why it had traded 5million shares and noticed that there is 1 buyer who took out 4.8million at 3c. Its not huge bickies but it represents a fair percentage of the company. Where to from her, who knows. All I know is that the technology is sound and very marketable and stable.
    I have a sneeking suspicion that it is about to take off to the 4.5/5c region once the sales news and financials are released and sink in.
    I do know of some very big deals that are in the pipeline as well.
    My 200k share average is 4.3c and this stock has been my only failure in the last 4 months so I have a vested interest.
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