AZZ 0.00% $7.50 antares energy limited


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    James doesn't waste words when he's writing his weekly reports despite my urging that more detail be given.

    The Well looks like a lemon but we can't be sure I guess because we haven't received a frank and detailed account of what this all means.

    Based on what we are reading, it looks like a shocker. I mean if this juicy section has no gas to give up, it hardly likely that the next section is going to be any different.

    The qusetion I guess is I believe, is the entire prospect stuffed and do they risk another well on the same prospect.

    This is a shocker of a result for a company hich had its entire future outlook swinging on it.

    They have 1 well performing, that's oular - 1, all the others are duds or have work overs going on to fixe them.

    This is not a good result, no oh no.
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