aztlán and palestine -double standards again!

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    Aztlán and Palestine

    Arno Weinstein
    August 29, 2003

    What is considered a wholly ridiculous position of the lunatic-left in the political environment of the United States is a completely viable position when it comes to the Middle East. The claim that Mexican-Americans are entitled to their own country in the southwestern United States is dismissed by the overwhelming majority of Americans with the distain that can only be mustered by the confident. Yet the very same sort of claim made by a group of Arabs toward the State of Israel is taken so seriously that it is on the primary agenda of the President of the United States.

    What — you say — the Palestinians have a justifiable position and besides, who ever heard of any group claiming land in the United States? Well, wrong on both counts. The Arab attempt at a land grab from the Jewish State is just that, and while most are unaware, an unseen growing number of disillusioned immigrants (first, second, and third generation) support the creation of Aztlán.

    That’s right, Aztlán, a nation of the Chicanos to be forged from the American states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

    Who are these fanatics who struggle for the creation of the Aztlán nation? They are some of the most virulent racist and mind-boggling Jew-haters in the United States today. They, along with the seekers of a Palestinian state, are among the greatest promulgators of lies, myths, fantasies, and outright hate throughout the world. From blatant racist beliefs to the denigration of all things Jewish, these groups thrive on imaginary demons manufactured in the degenerate minds of haters throughout history.

    As a byproduct of the contested gubernatorial race in California, the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán or MEChA has come to the attention of many. Democrat challenger for governor, and current lieutenant governor, Cruz Bustamante was an active member of MEChA in the 1970s and has, according to press reports (and web sites associated with MEChA), refused to denounce the goals and purposes of the organization. In fact, Mr. Bustamante considers MEChA a fine association for the development of young leadership.

    MEChA claims to be a “national student organization that promotes education and defends the rights of Chicanos/Mexicans and Central and South Americans.” That may be true enough, but the rest of the story is far more significant. MEChA’s stated goal is the “liberation” of Aztlán, a territorial region encompassing all of the southwestern U.S. The group seeks to create, through what appears to be any means necessary, a new nation either confederated with Mexico or completely under Mexican authority. The occupying force now destroying the Chicano “culture” is everything and everyone not associated with the liberation of Aztlán.

    The racism expressed in their platform is staggering. The sort of 1960s rhetoric of the “underclass” is merged with a Nazi-like ideology that leaves the uninitiated reader reeling.

    Like most third-world liberation movements, MEChA aligns itself with other “struggling” peoples, most notably, “the Palestinians.” And this identification is given a provocative and malevolent voice through a prominent link on MEChA chapter web sites, i.e., the racist, hate-filled site of newspaper La Voz de Aztlán or The Voice of Aztlán. As the putrid depravity pours forth from this web site, Cruz Bustamante and the Democrats that support him refuse to reject the hate-mongering of MEChA and its fellow travelers.

    La Voz de Aztlán begins with the Jew-hatred parroted from Arab sources and concludes with the basest lies scraped together from Nazi and White Supremacist voices of hate. While supporting the candidacy of Cruz Bustamante, “La Raza,” that is, “The (Chicano) Race,” accuses the Jews of creating the “manjewrian candidate” of Gray Davis. The assertion is: California Governor Gray Davis is a brainwashed automaton fashioned by the Jews to do their bidding. Further examination of their propaganda reveals a fully developed ideology of rejectionism and Jew baiting matched only by the PLO.

    In an article entitled, “The ‘Kosher Nostra Scam’ on the American Consumer,” Ernesto Cienfuegos asserts that there is the illegal Jewish “Kosher Tax” that the rest of America is forced to pay to fill the coffers of “the rabbis.” These rabbis then pour their money into the “Ariel Sharon Zionist government of Israel” to produce anti-Palestinian propaganda. As a service to the America public, La Voz de Aztlán claims to expose the treachery of the Jews as they soak the average consumer with a “Jewish Tax amounting to hundreds of million of dollars per year.” According to Cienfuegos, “[t]he scam is to coerce the companies to pay up or suffer the consequences of a Jewish boycott.” The voluntary kosher certification program serviced by many Jewish organizations is, at various points in the “exposé” called a “payola operation,” a “protection racket” and a “swindle.” La Voz de Aztlán does not neglect to include the old canard that “the food companies succumb to the blackmail because of fear of the Jewish dominated media and a boycott that may eventually culminate in bankruptcy.”

    Were this written filth not part of a brewing political storm, and if it did not match in tone, content and sentiment with those striving for Palestine, it would be too ridiculous to cite. That anyone other than the brainwashed or delusional would contend that these gross invectives are true is absurd, yet few are willing to recognize the identical voice coming from the supporters of a Palestinian state.

    The most perverse, yet honest, theme throughout the pages of La Voz de Aztlán is the link between “La Raza” and the “Palestinians.” In fact, the goals of the Aztlán separatist movement and the aspirations of the Palestinian Authority are remarkably similar. While the likeness of kind is easily recognized by the Aztlán liberation advocates, Americans favoring a Palestinian political entity would be shocked at the identical use of imagery and language that strips bare the Aztlán/Palestinian hatred of the Jews.

    The Aztlán voice eerily mimics the positions and topics put forward by the Palestinian Authority. An editorial written on the La Voz de Aztlán relates the plight of the Palestinians and the Chicanos as one and the same. With language borrowed from Arab supporters of a Palestinian state, the editorial asserts that the Jews have replaced the Nazis and have committed even greater crimes than the Nazis against their enemy. Asking the question of why the Jewish people have been expelled from so many countries throughout history, La Voz de Aztlán blames the victim for their wretched plight. In fact, the newspaper goes to the trouble of listing all the countries forcibly removing the Jews and the dates of the expulsions. This recitation is an attempt to demonstrate the universal opinion that the Jews are the source of all things bad in the world. The claim, much like that made by the Arab Jew-haters, is that La Voz de Aztlán is opposed to Zionism and not to Jews, is completely and utterly made false by the “kosher tax” attack and the blaming of Jews for their own historical expulsions and the posting and reprinting of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” In an “Editor’s Note” introducing the full repetition of the “Protocols,” La Voz de Aztlán asks the reader to judge for himself whether or not the anti-Semitic screed rings true.

    Time and time again the baseless claims of the Arabs to the land of Israel are matched with the baseless claims of the Chicanos to Aztlán. Continuing on this theme is the attack upon the relationship between the United States and Israel. Because the United States supports the existence of the State of Israel, the horrendous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were to be expected.

    Most Americans will be disturbed by the pervasive attitude that either the United States deserved what it got on 9-11 or that somehow the Jews orchestrated the events and this too was America’s fault.

    In an article entitled, “Osama bin Laden: The ’Pancho Villa’ of Islam,” Ernesto Cienfuegos best exemplifies the troubling arguments from the Aztlán/Palestinian perspective. Cienfuegos properly captures the heroic nature of bin Laden in Arab circles in comparing him to Pancho Villa and the admiration of the latter desperado to the Chicano population. By suggesting a folklorish aura surrounding both bin Laden and Villa, the author makes clear the worship of the criminal rogue that so typifies the rejection of civilization held by the Aztlán/Palestinian worldview.

    Should logical, rational thought prevail, the Aztlán/Palestinian concept of historical revisionism would be completely defeated. Cruz Bustamante fears the consequences of repudiating the anti-Zionism of his past associations. While others who have hitched their wagon to a “Palestinian peoplehood” tremble at jettisoning their greatest weapon against the Jews. Both must overcome the phantoms in their closets and allow the light of day to cleanse their otherwise dark existence. To the reader, “Google” Aztlán and Palestine and see for yourself the threat both hold to the civilized world.

    The reasonable among us will gratefully embrace the fact that there is no Aztlán and, indeed, there is no Palestine.

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