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azr- green alert to 10c

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    Damn- the Speculator has beaten me to a green alert on Aztec. First noticed within last couple of weeks at just over 4c. Did the research but last few days too busy to post.

    Azr has great potential. It is in iron ore which is the flavour of the year with world demand expecting to be at record high. Huge demand from China. It is in an industry with only few major players at the moment so a ready market for its ores. Iron ore price is expected to increase.

    Azr 100% owns the Koolan Island projectsituated in North West of WA. It was acquired from BHP (a very good sign indeed). The mine was wound up by BHP in 80s, usual reason too small and non core - remember we heard alot about small non profitable projects acquired by small juniors and next minute it takes off. This has same characteristics.BHP mined since 1965 and produced some 68mt, so fairly significant.

    Azr became owner just recently so market has yet to wake up to the full potential. It is a proven resource so risk significantly reduced. The main pit has about 25mt of iron ore with a number of other ore bodies to be proven. It is of significantly excellent grades, which are the type that Asian and Chinese industries are after.

    Infrastructure is excellent so no cost in transporting and setup- remember this is an old operation. Azr has an impressive team and directors. Nos of shres about 238m, not too bad. It has an institutional shareholder on board and has given azr good support- Societe Generale with almost 5% stake.

    Evertying is looking good:

    - right industry
    - excellent grade of ore achieving highest possible price
    - proven resource, and more to be proven
    - good production histrory
    - infrastructure already there reduce costs and risk
    - good management team
    - institutional supporter
    - Australian project, no soverign risk

    With all these factors Azr is right for a green alert in the short term to 10c. There has already been movement but still looking very good support for further improvement.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.


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