azmi bishara -great hell!

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    Can anyone imagine a Member of our Parliament sitting with the masterminds of the Bali bombings.....being the best of friends with them them......on their home turf? Especially if these masterminds were holding Australian hostages and were threatening to take more?

    Well this is what this Arab member of the Israeli Parliament stands accused of........and there's plenty of independant substantiated evidence....At least this pr!ck is going to get a trial......Now if he would have been a Palestinian living in Ramalah .........there's be no trial.....he would have been executed by a bunch of vigilantes.....and Hannan Ashwari would have glibly explained it away....


    Nov. 12, 2003
    Azmi Bishara to stand trial for incitement

    An Israeli court rejected a request by an Arab Israeli lawmaker to drop incitement charges against him, Israeli media reported.

    Azmi Bishara is suspected of making speeches in Syria and an Arab Israeli town condoning violence against Israel. He faces three years in jail if convicted.

    Bishara and the Arab-rights group Adalah had petitioned the Nazareth District Court to get the charges thrown out, but the court rejected the appeals Wednesday.

    During a speech in 2001, Bishara allegedly praised the Hezbollah militia, which operates against Israeli forces from south Lebanon.

    Israelis were also shocked when on one of his trips to Syria, Bishara sat next to the Hezbollah leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, at a memorial service for Syria's late President Hafez Assad. Israel and Syria are bitter enemies and do not have diplomatic relations.

    Asked Wednesday to explain what he meant in the speeches, Bishara declined to be specific. Speaking to Israel radio, he said the general meaning was that Arabs "have a right to oppose occupation" by Israeli troops.

    The lawmaker said he never condoned violence in his speeches.

    Bishara is the first Israeli lawmaker to have his immunity stripped so charges could be pressed against him for public comments he made.

    The incitement charge carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail.

    The Central Election Committee had ruled that Bishara was ineligible to run for parliament, citing the case against him but the Supreme Court overruled the committee. Bishara was re-elected at the head of his party, the National Democratic Assembly, in January.
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