Axon - "Crossroads Time"

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    I guess, given the poor price of AXN shares in recent months, Axon's poor result was already factored in by the market.

    I bought in some time ago at 30c, thinking that a bottom had been reached. Well .. there is a lesson there ....something about catching falling blades.

    Avoid stocks in a downtrend and wait until positive signs of a trend reversal.

    Still, I take some heart from the fact that professionals also get it wrong - big time.

    Huntley has been a big fan of Axon - I notice that he recently bought more Axon, taking his holding to 50,000 shares at an average price of 66c in his speculative stock portfolio. He still has a "spec buy" recommendation on AXN. has he got it horribly wrong?

    The company still has plenty of cash but, I am concerned about the cash burn rate, the amount expended on R&D, and the marketing difficulties AXN seems to be experiencing for its products.

    I must admit that I am having second thoughts about holding AXN - maybe its time to take a small loss before it becomes a major loss - and look for new opportunities.

    "Crossroads Time" for me re. AXN - what do other holders (and non-holders) think?
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